Bengaluru, the land of a thousand tanks

Bengaluru’s centuries-old dialogue between water, its geology and its settlements, in the form of tanks, now faces obsolescence. While this infrastructure remains in the city in dire forms, it begs to be looked at in renewed ways. In this short clip, Mr Vishwanath S, an architect with expertise in water and waste water management, explains the relationship of Bengaluru’s water supply to its geology. Mr. Vishwanath is a director at the Bengaluru-based Biome Environmental Solutions, a design firm focused on ecology, architecture and water. He is also an adjunct faculty at Azim Premji university.

This video is a part of ‘City Dialogues’. It aims to navigate diverse perspectives of the city through the eyes of its populace and field experts. Through the series, we facilitate conversations about Bengaluru in an attempt to make our city more observable.

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