Date: 22nd April, 2019

Venue: Bangalore International Centre, Bengaluru, Karnataka

As part of the Earth Day celebration, Rotary Bengaluru organized a panel discussion on ‘The 5 Elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether’.

The cover image is a depiction of ‘Sita Bhumi Pravesh’, by Raja Ravi Verma, 19th Century. Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

In Sanskrit, the word prithvi has many synonyms. Some of them even contradicting the other in meaning, exemplifying the diverse understanding of the word.

An understanding of the Prithvi or the Earth is a fundamental prerequisite of planning for inhabitation. Thus these synonyms present the perfect analogy to explore the multiplicity that inhabit the urban landscape – in terms of scales, values, stakeholders, aspirations and needs.

The talk draws parallels between the many Sanskrit synonyms of the word Prithvi and how their different meanings further inspire the discourse of planning, emphasizing the need for an all-encompassing approach in understanding and planning for the complexities of urban India.

Some of the terms explored were:







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