Mod Media.

It explores various methods and forms of communication to disseminate information so as to inform and enable citizens to understand, reflect upon, debate and intervene into city processes


Data Visualisations

Visualising the complexity of the urban landscape



Explanatory videos on city phenomenon


Researching City Processes

Analysis of proposed City Projects


Palace to Palace

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A proposal for a Heritage Corridor in Bengaluru The 18th of April is recognised as…

Two Steps Back ! #SayNoToElevatedCorridor

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The proposed Elevated Corridor project for Bengaluru has been in the news for far too…

1 ನಿಮಿಷ Bengaluru: Kempegowda’s Watchtowers

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"1 ನಿಮಿಷ Bengaluru" (1 minute Bengaluru) is a video series that explores the various aspects…

Once upon a Garden City

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Bengaluru's dense green cover once gave the city its moniker, "Garden City". However, the felling…