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The work we do is design-driven, with an emphasis on exploring the underlying dimensions in the urban fabric, focussing on everyday spaces and objects. We are fascinated with cities, and interpreting them by visualising their information and analyses, hands-on design and mapping techniques.

Started in 2010, Mod Foundation is the CSR arm of Venkataramanan Associates (VA), an architecture, interiors and urban design practice headquartered in Bangalore. The Foundation is an interdisciplinary urban action and research institute, a collective of architects, designers, researchers, curators and practitioners with interests in, and interests for engagement with the urbanisation processes in India.

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December 1, 2023

City Reels

The City Reels Film Festival, as part of the UnboxBLR Habba, is set to grace…
August 17, 2023

K100 Citizens’ Waterway: A Documentary Film

A film of the work behind the K100 Rajakaluve Rejuvenation Project by bengawalk. Mod Foundation…
July 1, 2023

Book Launch and Discussion on Bangalore Through the Centuries

Date: 27th June, 2023 Venue: Bangalore International Centre The book launch and panel discussion of…



City of Villages

is a longterm design and research project into the 638 villages that make Bengaluru city today


Bangalore - a bygone age

a long term archiving project that aims to create a crowdsourced archive for the city of Bengaluru


Mapping Bengaluru

is a long term design and research project on Bengaluru. The study will attempt to chart a history for the city through the many maps that have been made of it.


Data Visualisations

Visualising the complexity of the urban landscape



Explanatory videos on city phenomenon


Researching City Processes

Analysis of proposed City Projects


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