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We are Mod

An interdisciplinary urban research and action institute
based in Bengaluru and Berlin


We are Mod

An international collective of architects, designers,
researchers and curators with engaged interests in
and interests for engagement with the
urbanisation processes in India


The goal of Mod

is to establish an integrated information platform
for various kinds of data on Indian cities,
which will be open-source, multi-authored
and open to debate and modifications.

Recent Posts

September 6, 2021

CoVID to CoVision

Lessons from Lockdown Urbanism in India Much of our understanding of the history of cities, places and communities stem from the exceptions, the isolated events that govern a change in…
August 25, 2021

Bengaluru Dreams

A Found Footage Film on Bygone Bengaluru Kannada films of the past decades contain an unexpected archive of the city's landscape. Through this found footage film made with scenes from…
August 4, 2021

How I see the street

On average, our roads, streets, sidewalks, and alleys occupy between 25-30% of our urban land, which is approximately one third of the city's usable space, and accounts for eight tenths of…



Mapping Bengaluru

is a long term design and research project on Bengaluru. The study will attempt to chart a history for the city through the many maps that have been made of it.


Data Visualisations

Visualising the complexity of the urban landscape



Explanatory videos on city phenomenon


Researching City Processes

Analysis of proposed City Projects


City of Villages

is a longterm design and research project into the 638 villages that make Bengaluru city today


Bangalore - a bygone age

a long term archiving project that aims to create a crowdsourced archive for the city of Bengaluru


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